Large glass openings are great for integrating spaces, especially the outdoors with the indoors, and keep the look light. But there are some inconveniences that can be alleviated with simple solutions, when choosing a glass wall art

– Glass wall privacy
The translucent glass favors the view of the landscape and the integration between environments, but at times we may not want all that visibility. To guarantee privacy without losing the lightness of glass, semi-translucent glass can be used, such as sandblasted or mini-boreal, or blinds and curtains. There is also a third option, which is smart glass or smart glass , which is connected to power and is normally completely opaque, as if it were milky glass, or translucent when turned on. Learn more about smart glass here .

glass walls 2 – nico van der meulen architectsImage: Nico Van der Meulen Architects

– Too much light or heat
Brightness is another factor that is usually desired but can also be inconvenient at times, such as sleeping or watching TV. Some types of curtains reduce the passage of light, partially or even completely, when they are made with blackout fabric . But the ideal is to create very deep eaves or even balconies to protect the glass area, in order to protect the interior of the house not only from light but also from excessive heat. Another precaution should be the positioning of the glass opening, to prevent light from falling directly on the TV screen, for example. (See also: “ Thermal Comfort in a House Full of Glass “)

glass walls 3 – archizarImage: Archizar

– Glass wall cleaning
Everyone knows that glass gets dirty easily. But in some situations it gets dirty much faster, such as on roofs, on surfaces that are in contact with rain or in places with a lot of sea air. It is therefore necessary to foresee, in these places, whether the maintenance of the glass can be done constantly or not, because if it is dirty, it loses all its effect. In addition, it may be interesting to avoid glass in places that are difficult to access, such as very high walls, if you do not want to climb stairs, and also to protect larger openings from the rain through larger covers.

glass walls 1 – home dsgnImage: Home DSGN

– Glass acoustics
The amount of sound passing through the glass is linked to the type of glass used and its thickness. Acoustic glass is usually double glazing, that is, two panes of glass with an empty space between them, but there is also a type of laminated glass that is also considered acoustic, as it has, in addition to the internal film, which also helps to block sound. , thickness greater than that of ordinary laminate. But it is not necessarily necessary to use acoustic glass to have comfort in the environments, only if the place has a lot of noise or if the intention is to almost completely block the passage of sounds.

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